# Whitepaper

# Introduction

PlaySwap is an innovative infrastructure that bridges mainstream gaming, AAA games included, and Web3. Our team developed the decentralized gaming infrastructure on BNB blockchain with a specific goal: to become the entry point of the traditional mainstream gaming community in Blockchain, Crypto, and DeFi.

Vision. The Playswap vision is that all players should be able to earn by the time they spend playing their favorite video games. This is why PlaySwap enables the community to monetize their time playing games on their PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5 earning $PLAY without changing their habits and favorite devices.

On top of that, Playswap AMM (Automated Market Maker) swap allows users to boost their earnings based on skill and loyalty. The entire ecosystem includes the development of a platform where gamers challenge each other and compete on leaderboards.

An SDK for game developers will enable them to use $PLAY as in-game currency, generating an additional revenue stream while increasing our token utility.

The Nft marketplace will be open not just for Playswap collections but external collections as well. And with the Nft platform, the gate to use gaming NFTs will be opened, bringing a fully immersive gaming experience to the next level.

Fill the Gap. The mainstream gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, with billions of gamers worldwide. Most gamers worldwide like to play AAA games but have little interest in the recent GameFi Web3 industry due to the poor quality of the games. On the one hand, they don't like the quality of the games, but on the other hand, they still need to be made aware of the power of blockchain, crypto, and the DeFi ecosystems. About Defi, during the last years (2021-2022), there was a massive growth of the Play to Earn gaming space with many opportunities that the traditional gaming industry has not yet approached.

PlaySwap is ready to fill the gap and become the first natural bridge between Web2 and Web3.

# Problems to solve

The Playswap team has identified several issues in the current Web2 & Web3 gaming market, let’s analyze them closely in the next points.

  • Bridge infrastructure. There is no infrastructure to bridge the mainstream gaming community Web2 to the Web3 and DeFi ecosystems

  • Entry barrier. The entry barrier of the existing Web3 games still requires the users to invest capital in starting playing and earning.

  • Time approach. Top mainstream games don’t allow gamers to monetize the time spent playing directly from their favorite consoles.

  • User experience. There is a lack of high-quality experience due to the graphics of the current Web3 games. Web3 gamers don’t play the game they like, but games with low quality compared to Web2.

  • Crypto knowledge. To enable mass adoption of Web3 there aren’t enough players from Web2 who have basic crypto knowledge.

  • No Incentives. AAA gamers are not incentivized to switch to Web3 as it is available today.

  • Closed ecosystems. Gamers are rewarded in closed and centralized ecosystems, which doesn’t give them many options for what to do with their rewards.

# Solutions

  • Bridge web2 & web3. PlaySwap successfully created an infrastructure that bridges mainstream gaming and Web3.

  • Time approach. The protocol is designed to reward gamers for their time spent playing video games on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

  • User Experience. Gamers don’t need to change their favorite devices and games; the best user experience is available.

  • 2000+ Games: Currently, Playswap supports more than 2000 mainstream games.

  • Play the game you like. Gamers don't need to change their habits and play different games they may or may not like. Play the game you love, not another game.

  • No initial investment: In PlaySwap, there isn’t an initial investment required from users.

  • Basic Crypto knowledge: PlaySwap includes its own AMM Swap that will open the door for the gaming community to learn more about DeFi and show them the possibilities of this space. Swap, stake, farm, and create a passive income.

  • Decentralized system: Gamers will be rewarded with $PLAY token in their wallet in an open and decentralized ecosystem.

In a few words, PlaySwap solution matches the mainstream gamers' need to continue playing their favorite video games from their usual consoles with their friends, online or offline, and create an active/passive income source. An indeed opened and decentralized ecosystem. The complete ecosystem will also deliver extra value for more advanced users, who can compete and earn exclusive NFTs to create more value and community recognition.

# Market overview

# Market overview

Playswap research is based on the assessment of Newzoo, which is the global standard in games data.

As you can see in the table below, the mainstream gaming market continues to grow consistently, and there is a massive opportunity to bridge Web2 and Web3 gaming.

Source: https://financesonline.com/number-of-gamers-worldwide/

TAM 2021: $200B revenue, 2.95B gamers worldwide.

The total addressable market in the gaming industry is enormous. In 2021, there were 2.95 billion gamers, and the gaming market generated $200 billion in revenue.

From these figures, only 5% of this revenue was generated by P2E / Web3 games, around $10 billion.

In a ten-year horizon, most games will have a Web3 component, from NFT marketplaces (skins, characters, medals, etc..), to in-game currencies and more. Based on this, companies well-positioned to support this transition from traditional gaming to Web3 gaming will be poised for explosive growth.

Therefore PlaySwap wants to become the infrastructure leader connecting mainstream gaming and Web3 gaming.

Source: https://financesonline.com/number-of-gamers-worldwide/

As shown in the table above, just by bridging Consoles to Web3, PlaySwap is targeting 28% of the market that nobody else is still able to address.

On the B2B side, Playswap infrastructure will create new opportunities for Web2 and Web3 game developers to generate new revenue sources, better engage their community of gamers and increase the time they play their games. The complete ecosystem will be the gateway for the mainstream gaming community to join Web3.

# Competition

Why are the major market players unable to add solutions to the problems that PlaySwap solves?

Approach, position, and target. The competition is focused on building/becoming the AAA game for Web3 instead of being the bridge that will fill the gap between mainstream gaming and crypto. Most competitors reward users for their skills, and those that reward gamers for time & skills do it in a closed ecosystem.

PlaySwap offers an open ecosystem that facilitates the adoption of Web3 for mainstream gaming studios and gamers. PlaySwap is fast and decentralized, and anyone can swap and earn tokens. The number of games Playswap bridged from Web2 to Web3 has no precedents for blockchain, crypto, and Defi. The table below shows the most significative differences with competitors:

Features PlaySwap WomPlay Exceedme BUFF PS Stars GamerGains
Web2 Consoles YES NO NO NO YES NO
Web2 mobile YES* YES NO YES NO NO
Decentralization YES YES YES YES NO YES
Competitive YES NO YES NO NO YES
Number of games 2000+ 100+ 5 20 2000+ 11
AAA games 100+ 0 5 0 100+ 11
Rewards Time, skill & loyalty Skill & loyalty Skill Skill Skill Time, skill & loyalty

*Technology to detect mobile games is currently under evaluation. Now, we can support the SAMSUNG platform

# PlaySwap advantages

  • Complete infrastructure designed to bridge Web2 and Web3 gaming.
  • Big selection of games for different consoles (Pc, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox): 2000+.
  • PlaySwap rewards users on their time spent and not considering their skills. This method is fair for all types of gamers.
  • PlaySwap will reward the community with $PLAY tokens paid to their wallet. The gamer can decide what to do with the tokens without our permission.
  • Tournaments where users can compete in leaderboards with other players and guilds.
  • Competitive gamers' skills will be rewarded on the gaming and tournament platform for the ones who want to compete without affecting the earnings of the ones that don’t.
  • PlaySwap community can easily create a passive income and invest (stake, farm, boost) the tokens in the AMM Swap
  • PlaySwap does not have a regular paid premium membership to increase rewards. Users can increase their rewards in the PlaySwap platform by investing the earned tokens in the Holders pool.
  • Decentralized and open ecosystem.

# Products

# AMM Swap

The automated market maker (AMM) of PlaySwap, a fork of Pancackeswap modified to fit our requirements, allows users to exchange tokens on the BNB blockchain network.

The liquidity provided to the exchange comes from Liquidity Providers ("LPs") who stake their tokens in Liquidity Pools. In exchange, a user gets LP tokens that he can stack to earn PLAY tokens in the "Farms." When a user makes a token swap (trade) on the exchange, he will pay a 0.2% trading fee, as follows:

  • 0.14% - Returned to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.
  • 0.04% - Will be used to Buy Back and Burn
  • 0.02% - Marketing and investment activities

# Farms

PlaySwap Farms offer multiple farming opportunities for users. He can stake his LP tokens and earn PLAY tokens in return. Liquidity pairs will be incentivized by giving Liquidity Providers a chance to stake their LP tokens in the available farms.

Initial Liquidity Pools (LPs) for farming PLAY tokens:


More LPs will come when the ecosystem rises.

# Liquidity pool

When the user adds liquidity to the pool, he will get LP tokens.

Every token swap generates a 0.2% transaction fee. The protocol will return 70% of the transaction fee to liquidity providers as reward fees. The liquidity pool will also allow the user to stake his LP tokens to earn PLAY tokens in the "Farms."

# Gaming infrastructure

The gaming protocol is one of the essential products that will bring the next billion gamers into crypto.

It will enable the mainstream gaming community to earn PLAY tokens while playing top-tier games. Users will receive PLAY tokens when playing their favorite game/games. Therefore, not just the PROs or people with money to buy NFTs, all gamers can create an active income from their hobby without investing any capital.

These gamers will also earn passive PLAY tokens by using the other Core products of PlaySwap. PlaySwap will become the gateway into crypto and DeFi to millions of gamers worldwide with these products. We specifically developed the infrastructure to fill the gap between mainstream AAA gaming and the GameFi Web3 industry.

# PlaySwap Arena

The gaming and tournament platform with guild leaderboards is designed to reward the most active users and increase engagement by rewarding users based on their skills and achievements.

# Gaming platform

Application to be run by the gamer to improve and increase gaming detection and directly interact with the entire ecosystem.

# SDK for game developers

We will develop this project to bring game developers into the PlaySwap ecosystem by allowing them to create a hassle-free new revenue stream. On the user side, this platform will increase the pool of rewards.

# NFT marketplace

Buy/sell/rent NFTs with the rest of the community. The marketplace will be open to list and partner with third parties collections.

# NFT platform

The platform will allow users to use gaming NFTs.

# Technology

PlaySwap uses the following technologies to support the product of PlaySwap: Solidity, Celery, Python, Django, Redis, MySQL, REST, Docker, and Swarm.

PlaySwap used these technologies to build:

  • The gaming infrastructure
  • The Oracle to link On-Chain with Off-chain data
  • The discord bot
  • The custom functionalities developed on top of Pancakeswap fork for PlaySwap Amm swap.

# Business model

Once the infrastructure is fully deployed, PlaySwap will be highly profitable and positioned as a pioneer of the incoming gaming industry.

# Revenue streams

  • Amm Swap. 0.2% of every trading fee, used as follows:
    • 0.14% - Returned to liquidity pools as a fee reward for liquidity providers.
    • 0.04% - Will be used to Buy Back and Burn
    • 0.02% - Marketing and investment activities
  • PlaySwap Arena: 16% fee
  • P2E: 2% fee
  • SDK: 20% fee
  • Gaming Platform: No direct fee, it will increase detection and collect fees based on the interaction of users
  • NFT Marketplace: 2% fee
  • NFT Gaming: 2% fee
  • B2C Ads: No fixed fee, depends on the demand of the market

# How it works

Register. The user registers his address (must be Metamask/other so it can interact with Web3) in the discord bot.

Play. The user starts playing his favorite games with Pc, Ps4, Ps5, and Xbox (2000+ are games available).

Activities. The bot manages all the user activities, like pausing the current game session, banning the user in case of fraud, managing profile changes, and counting the gaming time that PlaySwap will convert into token ($Play token) earnings. Every 24h, a Cronjob generates the total earnings for all users and interacts with a smart contract to manage payments.

Get daily payments. The user claims his $Play token and stake to the holders pool for extra benefits. In both cases, the oracle developed listens for off-chain events and data and triggers on-chain contracts accordingly.

Compete. The user competes with other gamers in tournaments. He increases his guild bragging in the leaderboards.

NFT marketplace. In the NFT marketplace, he can choose PlaySwap and third parties collections, buy, sell and loan gaming NFTs in a fully immersive gaming experience.

# Market validation

The project worked in Chronos testnet before the team decided to move PlaySwap.

The open beta received fantastic feedback from the gaming community. Some exciting results can be shown:

  • 550+ active users
  • 450+ gaming hours logged per day
  • 100% growth on discord and Twitter

Great part of gamers came in Web3 for the first time thanks to PlaySwap

# Users profile

Target of users being subdivided into four different segments:

  • Average gamers. These gamers will benefit the most from the PlaySwap gaming protocol, where every gamer earns based on their time playing video games.

  • Competitive gamers. These gamers will benefit from the gaming and tournament platform, where they can play against other players and participate in events to earn extra tokens and NFTs.

  • Collectors. These gamers are primarily interested in the NFT marketplace, where they buy/sell and lend NFTs to earn tokens.

  • Traders. These users are not interested in gaming, but they are present in all crypto ecosystems and are only interested in trading/investing to make a profit.

# Play Token

The PlaySwap tokenomics has been designed by blockchain experts to ensure a robust token utility, price stability, and community security.

There are a total of 200.000.000 (200M) Play tokens.

Token details
Symbol PLAY
Chain BNB blockchain
Max supply 200M tokens
Initial circulating supply 8.98M tokens
Burn Mechanics YES

# Tokens allocation

# Tokenomics & vesting

Pool % Initial supply (TGE) Price ($) % on TGE Cliff (Months) Vesting (Months) Total (PLAY)
Team & advisors 15% 0 0 12 24 30.000.000
Seed sale 6% 600.000 0.03 5 3 12 12.000.000
Private sale 12% 1.680M 0.055 7 2 10 24.000.000
Public sale 3% 600.000 0.08 10 0 6 6.000.000
Rewards (P2E/Community) 35% 2.100.000 3 N/A* N/A* 70.000.000
Marketing 5% 1.000.000 10 N/A* N/A* 10.000.000
Ecosystem support 14% 0 0 N/A* N/A* 28.000.000
Liquidity 10% 3.000.000 15 N/A* N/A* 20.000.000
Total 100 8.980.000 200.000.000
Listing price 0.08

*N/A: Non applicable, these tokens will be released on the block reward during the emission of the token.

Block rewards:

  • Rewards (P2E/Community)
  • Marketing
  • Ecosystem support
  • Liquidity

Initial market cap: $718.400

Fully diluted market cap: $16M

We did not choose these prices randomly, they were derived from the expected derivatives the Play token will earn.

# Token utilities

$PLAY is a critical element of the PlaySwap infrastructure. It will allow users to benefit from the:

  • Buy/sell from the Amm Swap
  • Earn PLAY as rewards from playing their favorite games
  • Earn PLAY as rewards from staking LP tokens in our farms
  • Stake them in PLAY pools to earn PLAY and other tokens
  • Compete individually and in teams to participate and organize public/private tournaments using $PLAY
  • Buy/sell NFTs on the NFT marketplace
  • Use gaming NFTs in the NFT platform
  • P2E monetization for Web2 & Web3 games
  • Play token burn (see the complete program of token burn)

# PLAY token burn

What is token Burning

Token burning is the process of permanently removing tokens from circulation, reducing the total supply. Burning tokens can be done in several ways, most commonly by sending tokens to a so-called "eater address" or "dead address."

The "dead address" balance is publicly visible on the blockchain. Still, access to its tokens is unavailable to anyone.

Why is token burning important?

  • Increase the value of the token
  • Increasing the token price is probably the most well-known benefit of a token burn. Token burn reduces the overall circulation. Thereby the overall supply decreases. It might potentially increase the token value. The constant burning of the coin helps to keep a steady price.

How does token burning at PlaySwap work?

There will be six deflationary mechanisms in place:

  • 20% of the NFT Marketplace fees will be used to buy back and burn PLAY tokens
  • 20% of the PlaySwap Arena fees will be used to buy back and burn PLAY tokens
  • 20% of the gaming platform fees will be used to buy back and burn PLAY tokens
  • 80% of the gaming protocol fees will be burned
  • 20% of the trading fees are used to buy back tokens and burn them
  • 80% of the auto compound Play pool fees will be burned

PLAY token burn will occur once a month.

Even though PLAY token burn occurs once a month, PLAY token buyback happens during the month. We will share a final burn report monthly.

PlaySwap reserves the right in its sole discretion to change or amend the burning schedule at any time and for any reason.

# Roadmap

The roadmap below lists the milestones already achieved and the ones to be accomplished. If crypto moves fast, PlaySwap moves faster.

Q1 & Q2 2022 Q3 2022 Q4 2022 Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Q3 2023 Q4 2023
Discord bot development Open Beta Cronos Chain BNB migration Mainnet launch PlaySwap Arena - Leaderboards development PlaySwap Arena - Mainnet launch Gaming platform launch
Oracle development BNB migration start Seed sale Marketing campaigns Gaming platform development CEX listings NFT ecosystem development
Swap development Contacts with private investors Open Beta 2.0 on BNB chain Presale Marketing campaigns Gaming platform development SDK development
Open community Key partnerships Referral system Code audit Strategic partnerships Strategic partnerships Strategic partnerships