# Whitepaper

# Introduction

In the past months, we have seen a massive growth of the Play to Earn gaming space, but we also noticed that most of these games are not attractive/good enough for the vast majority of the mainstream gaming community. Therefore we are developing a solution that will allow these gamers to generate active and passive income while playing their favorite games.

The mainstream gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, with hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide. The vast majority of gamers around the world like to play AAA games and have no interest in the recent GameFi industry. On the one hand, they don’t like the quality of the games, but on the other hand, they are still not aware of the power of the cryptoverse and the DeFi ecosystem. Playswap will close this gap and become the bridge between these two worlds.

Our community will be able to play their favorite games and, at the same time, monetize the time they spend gaming. With this monetization, our community will also get to know the cryptoverse, understand the power of DeFi, and potentially become active DeFI, GameFi, Swappers.

We are highly committed to providing actual value, fairness, and innovation to decentralized finance through our high-quality products and services. PlaySwap is fast, secure and anyone can swap and earn tokens.

# PlaySwap

PlaySwap is a decentralized exchange developed on the Cronos Blockchain with a specific goal: To become the point of entry of the mainstream gaming community into the Cryptoverse.

PlaySwap is also an automated market maker (AMM) that allows a user to exchange tokens on the Cronos blockchain network. The liquidity provided to the exchange comes from Liquidity Providers ("LPs") who stake their tokens in Liquidity Pools. In exchange, a user gets LP tokens that can also be staked to earn PLAY tokens in the "Farms".

But that's not all:

When you make a token swap (trade) on the exchange you will pay a 0.2% trading fee, which is broken down as follows:

0.14% - Returned to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.

0.04% - Will be used to Buy Back and Burn

0.02% - Marketing and investment activities

# Play to Earn

Play to Earn is the product that will bring the next billion gamers into crypto.

This is the core principle of our project. This product enables the mainstream gaming community to earn PLAY tokens while playing AAA games. When a user plays his favorite game(*if supported by this feature), he will receive PLAY tokens. Therefore, all gamers, not just the PROs or people with money to buy NFTs from GameFi’s, will create an active income from their hobby without having to invest any capital to start.

These gamers will also be able to earn passive PLAY tokens by using the other Core products of PlaySwap.

Playswap will become the gateway into crypto and DeFi to millions of gamers worldwide with this feature. This product is developed to fill the gap between mainstream AAA gaming and the GameFi industry, where gamers need to invest capital in starting and/or playing games that are not fulfilling their expectations.

Now you will be able to monetize your long-time hobby by playing the games that you love.

Exciting right? Let's play!

Join our Discord to start this journey with us.

*Play2Earn will start with a small selection of TOP games. The community can request for new games to be added. Games will be added based on community votes.

# PLAY token

PLAY is our native token that powers the entire PLAYverse.

# Token details

Token details
Symbol PLAY
Chain Cronos blockchain
Max supply 300M tokens
Initial circulating supply 24M tokens
Initial marketcap 12M$ - Listing 0.5$
Burn Mechanics yes

Burn details 🔥:

  • 20% of the trading fees are used to buy back tokens and burn them
  • 80% of the auto compound Play pool fees will be burned
  • 100% of the Play2Earn fees will be burned
  • 50% of the profits generated in all other gaming related activities will be burned

# Let's explore some of the many use cases below:

  • You can buy/sell PLAY from our exchange
  • Earn PLAY as rewards from playing your favorite videogames
  • Earn PLAY as rewards from staking LP tokens in our farms
  • Stake it in your PLAY pools to earn PLAY and other tokens
  • Use play to buy-in to gaming tournaments

And many more in the future.

# PLAY emissions*

Year PLAY per block Total supply % of max supply
Initial mint N/A 24M 8%
Year 1 23.1581463 PLAY 150M 50%
Year 2 11.0276887 PLAY 210M 70%
Year 3 8.2707665 PLAY 255M 85%
Year 4 5.5138443 PLAY 285M 95%
Year 5 2.7569222 PLAY 300M 100%
  • PLAY per block is calculated based on the average block time of 5.8 blocks per second

# Initial supply allocation

  • Total mint: 24M
  • Public sale: 10M
  • Liquidity / P2E / LP: 10M
  • Marketing: 1M
  • Team and advisors: 3M

🔏 The team and advisors tokens have a 12 months vesting period with a linear payout after that

# Emission per block allocation

  • Farms and Play pools: 75%
  • Play to Earn: 10%
  • Project development: 10%
  • Marketing and investment activities: 5%

# Roadmap

The Roadmap illustrated below lists the major milestones that have been achieved and the ones that are yet to be accomplished.

Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too. Therefore don't be surprised if we add new to-dos to this roadmap. We value community feedback and this roadmap is not set in stone.

04/04/2022: The roadmap as been updated based on community request:

Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022 Q4 2022 Q1 2023 Ongoing
Marketing campaingns Play2Earn beta testing First gaming tournament Initial Game offerings Global expansion Marketing campaigns
Community growth Play2Earn mainnet launch Play2Earn improvements GameFi Partnerships Gaming/tournaments platform CEX listings
Public sale CEX listings Stream2Earn Key gaming partnerships Governance
Launch token Community growth eSports partnerships Marketing campaigns Strategic partnerships
Launch Swap CMC/Coingecko listing NFTMarketplace Community growth
Code audit

Would you like to provide us with some feedback or ideas for the roadmap? Drop us a line in the appropriate Discord channel and we will consider it. If it's an idea well received by the community and we end up developing it, you will get an appropriate reward.

# Community

Our community is, and will be an essential part of our development. We value the feedback from our users and try to make changes accordingly.

Our central social platform is Discord, where you will be able to Play to Earn, gain PLAY tokens, use those tokens to create a passive income in PlaySwap, and interact with our gaming community.

Join our official social media profiles and stay up to date with the latest news:

# Audit

Our swap is a fork of PancakeSwap.

We will apply for an audit right after the public sale.

# Public sale

We are gamers and we are creating this project for gamers. Therefore we will not have a private sale for big investors. Every community member will have access to the same information and token prices. This is a fair launch and it will not matter if you are a small investor or not. The sale will not have a minimum or maximum investment.

So if you believe in our project, this is the best opportunity you have to support our project from the start and enjoy a nice discount that can give you the opportunity to have massive profits in the long run.

Together we will bring the next billion gamers into crypto!

# How will we use the funds generated from the token sale?

This funds will be used to develop the project:

  • Code audit.

    • Before anything else, we want to pay for an external audit so you can make sure everything is OK and secure with our contracts.
  • Initial liquidity in CRO/Stable coins

    • The initial liquidity for the swap along with the code audit are the 2 most important things we will be able to do with the proceeds of the public sale. The initial liquidity will allow any user to buy/sell tokens from the start increasing the overal experience of the community
  • Team growth

    • As you have seen by now, we have big plans and those plans can be developed exponentialy faster if we grow our team.

# Public sale details

Based on community request the public sale is postponed in order to start the P2E beta-testing before the sale.

The public sale is divided in 3 phases (levels):

Level Start End Lock up period Payout Available tokens Price in CRO Price in USDC
Level 1 TBD TBD 12 months 50% + 6 months linear 5M PLAY TBD* 0.1 USDC
Level 2 TBD TBD 6 months 50% + 3 months linear 3.75M PLAY TBD* 0.2 USDC
Level 3 TBD TBD 3 months 100% 1.25M PLAY TBD* 0.4 USDC

*To make your life easier you can pay with CRO or USDC when buying tokens in the public sale. The CRO price will be defined at the start of each level of the public sale.

# Don't know which level to buy-in to?

Here is a small explanation of each level that can help you understand the risk and reward of each level:

Level 1

  • This level is made for the early adopters. You will have a significant discount on the token price, but at the same time, you will also don’t mind having an 12 months lock-up period on your tokens. You believe in our project and know that in 12months, we will be here, developing the roadmap and creating massive value.

Level 2

  • The price is higher than phase 1, but the lock-up period is also smaller. Only 6 months. This is a second opportunity for the early adopters who could not buy into the level 1 and for everyone who cannot afford an 12 months lock-up period. The risk is lower, but the potential reward is also smaller, but still massive. If you already bought on level 1, you can buy more tokens at this level.

Level 3

  • This level has the higher price of all 3 levels, but the lock-up period is also smaller. Only 3 months. This is the final opportunity to buy PLAY tokens with a discount. If you already bought on level 1 and 2, you can buy more tokens at this level.

# How big is the discount?

  • The initial liquidity will be set with a price of 0.5 USDC per PLAY token. As you can see the discount of the sale is massive and can generate you massive profits just by holding the tokens.

# Interested? Click here to buy now.

# What do you need to invest?

  • First you will need a wallet to interact with the blockchain. We advise you to use MetaMask or Crypto.com Defi wallet.
  • Then you need to send funds to your wallet. The sale will accept CRO or USDC. You can buy them on Crypto.com and transfer them to your MetaMask or Crypto.com Defi wallet To use the blockchain you will always have to pay GAS fees. These fees are paid in CRO. Therefore you should always have a bit of CRO in your wallet. No worries, the GAS fees are small and a balance of 10 CRO is more than enough to keep in your wallet.
  • After you send the funds to your wallet, you just need to visit our website and that's it.

# Already have a wallet? Click here to buy now.

Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.

Join your Discord and get to know us.

On a final note, whatever you decide to do,to invest or not. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. This page is not intended as financial advice by any means.

# Business partnerships

# PlayPool application

# What is PlayPools?

Play pools allows a user to stake PLAY tokens to earn tokens of other projects for Free. The number of tokens received depends on the number of tokens a user has subscribed to the pool and the total amount of PLAY tokens staked in the pool. A user can earn the new token over a set period of time. The user can harvest the pending rewards at any time.

# Why choose PlaySwap?

# - Global exposure

Get access to the worldwide gaming community.

# - Liquidity

Projects launched on PlaySwap will be listed and have access to farms with high rewards to increase the liquidity

# - Trading competion

We can organize a trading competition inside our community to increase your exposure.

# - Marketing boost

Your project will be promoted in our social platforms

# Farms

Farms stimulate users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing PLAY tokens to your pair’s LP token holders. Launchpool is a platform where a project owner can distribute tokens to CRONOS users who stake PLAY tokens in the pool.

When a project applies for PlaySwap Launchpool we can also create a new farming pair (subject to discussion).

PlaySwap Launchpool and Farms are platforms that help project teams promote their token and get exposure to the vest Playverse community. We look for strong teams with a clear and innovative vision in the crypto space with special focus in gaming. If you think you are one of the projects, do not wait any longer and apply below.

# Listing on PlaySwap

Anyone can list any CRO token on PlaySwap. There is no need to contact our team or ask for permission. Everything you need to do is to add liquidity to the liquidity pool. Once added, users can trade your token by entering your token’s contract address.

# - Is it possible to add my token to the default list?

PlaySwap does not accept requests to add tokens to the approved list. In order for your token to be added to the default list, you will need to apply for the Launchpool.

If you would like to start any of the partnerships above, send us an email to marketing @ playswap.org or contact us directly on Discord.

# Other questions

In the event the above sections do not cover your questions, you can contact us via email to marketing @ playswap.org If you are a gaming content creator looking for a partnership, you can contact us using the same email or inside our Discord server.

# Beware of scammers! Do not reply to messages sent from unofficial communication channels of PlaySwap. Our team will never DM you first or ask for any private information.