# Team

Experienced team of Web3, tech, and entrepeneurship enthusiasts

  • Tiago - CTO

    • Bachelor's Degree in IT with 15+ years in the field. Worked as a Software Developer/DevOps/SecOps for the last 10+ years. Blockchain-wise, he previously worked on Mining Pool Projects, reverse-engineered BitMAIN's ASICBoost for use with NOMP, also developed for the bitshares blockchain.
  • Miguel - CEO

    • Degree in Marketing. 10+ years experience in Digital marketing companies. Previously worked on Mining pools as Co-founder/community and growth.
  • Antoine - COO/CFO

    • Serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry, focusing on app marketing and gaming. He grew a business from 0 to $60M yearly and 180 employees underwent several acquisitions and exits during his journey.
  • Nico - CMO

    • A market analyst with over 5-year experience in the blockchain industry. Previously collaborated with different DeFi projects; the latest one was PinkSale launchpad for over one year.
  • Patriko - Developer

    • 10+ years experience in development Back/Front End. Proficiency in a modern programming language such Javascript/Typescript with frameworks like React/Angular

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