# PLAY token

PLAY is our native token that powers the entire PLAYverse.

# Token details

Token details
Symbol PLAY
Chain Cronos blockchain
Max supply 300M tokens
Initial circulating supply 24M tokens
Initial marketcap 12M$ - Listing 0.5$
Burn Mechanics yes

Burn details 🔥:

  • 20% of the trading fees are used to buy back tokens and burn them
  • 80% of the auto compound Play pool fees will be burned
  • 100% of the Play2Earn fees will be burned
  • 50% of the profits generated in all other gaming related activities will be burned

# Let's explore some of the many use cases below:

  • You can buy/sell PLAY from our exchange
  • Earn PLAY as rewards from playing your favorite videogames
  • Earn PLAY as rewards from staking LP tokens in our farms
  • Stake it in your PLAY pools to earn PLAY and other tokens
  • Use PLAY to buy-in to gaming tournaments

And many more in the future.

# PLAY emissions*

Year PLAY per block Total supply % of max supply
Initial mint N/A 24M 8%
Year 1 23.1581463 PLAY 150M 50%
Year 2 11.0276887 PLAY 210M 70%
Year 3 8.2707665 PLAY 255M 85%
Year 4 5.5138443 PLAY 285M 95%
Year 5 2.7569222 PLAY 300M 100%
  • PLAY per block is calculated based on the average block time of 5.8 blocks per second

# Initial supply allocation

  • Total mint: 24M
  • Public sale: 10M
  • Liquidity / P2E / LP: 10M
  • Marketing: 1M
  • Team and advisors: 3M

🔏 The team and advisors tokens have a 12 months vesting period with a linear payout after that

# Emission per block allocation

  • Farms and Play pools: 75%
  • Play to Earn: 10%
  • Project development: 10%
  • Marketing and investment activities: 5%