# Public sale

We are gamers, and we are creating this project for gamers. Therefore we will not have a private sale for big investors. Every community member will have access to the same information and token prices.

We believe that not having a private sale is a fair launch because it won't matter if you are a small investor or not. The sale will not have a minimum or maximum investment.

By supporting our project from the start, you get the best opportunity to enjoy a nice discount that can allow you to have massive profits in the long run.

Together we will bring the next billion gamers into crypto!

# How will we use the funds generated from the token sale?

This funds will be used to develop the project:

  • Code audit.

    • Before anything else, we want to pay for an external audit so you can make sure everything is OK and secure with our contracts.
  • Initial liquidity in CRO/Stable coins

    • The initial liquidity for the swap and the code audit are the two most important priorities we will tackle with the public sale proceeds. The initial liquidity will allow any user to buy/sell tokens from the start increasing the overall experience of the community.
  • Team growth

    • As you have seen by now, we have big plans, and we can develop those plans exponentially faster if we grow our team.

# Public sale details

04/04/2022: Based on community request the public sale is postponed in order to start the P2E beta-testing before the sale.

The public sale is divided in 3 phases (levels):

Level Start End Lock up period Payout Available tokens Price in CRO Price in USDC
Level 1 TBD TBD 12 months 50% + 6 months linear 5M PLAY TBD* 0.1 USDC
Level 2 TBD TBD 6 months 50% + 3 months linear 3.75M PLAY TBD* 0.2 USDC
Level 3 TBD TBD 3 months 100% 1.25M PLAY TBD* 0.4 USDC

*To make your life easier, you can pay with CRO or USDC when buying tokens in the public sale. We will define the CRO price at the start of each level of the public sale.

# Don't know which level to buy-in to?

Here is a little explanation of each level that can help you understand the risk and reward of each level:

Level 1

  • The level for early adopters. You will have a significant discount on the token price, but at the same time, you will also don't mind having a 12 months lock-up period on your tokens. You believe in our project and know that in 12months, we will be here, developing the roadmap and creating massive value.

Level 2

  • The price is higher than phase 1, but the lock-up period is also smaller. Only six months. The level 2 public sale is the second opportunity for the early adopters who could not buy into level 1 and for everyone who cannot afford a 12 months lock-up period. The risk is lower, but the potential reward is also more minor but still massive. If you already bought on level 1, you can buy more tokens at this level.

Level 3

  • This level has the higher price of all three levels, but the lock-up period is also smaller. Only three months. Buying on the level 3 public sale is the final opportunity to purchase PLAY tokens with a discount. If you already bought on levels 1 and 2, you can buy more tokens at this level.

# How big is the discount?

  • We have set the initial liquidity with 0.5 USDC per PLAY token. As you can see, the sale discount is massive and can generate huge profits just by holding the tokens.

# Interested? click here to buy now

# What do you need to invest?

  • First, you will need a wallet to interact with the blockchain. We advise you to use MetaMask or Crypto.com Defi wallet.
  • Then you need to send funds to your wallet. The sale will accept CRO or USDC. You can buy them on Crypto.com and transfer them to your MetaMask or Crypto.com Defi wallet. To use the blockchain, you will always have to pay GAS fees. You must have a few CRO tokens to pay for gas fees. No worries, the GAS fees are small, and a balance of 10 CRO is more than enough to keep in your wallet.
  • After you send the funds to your wallet, you just need to visit our website, and that's it.

Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.

Join your Discord and get to know us.

On a final note, whatever you decide to do, invest or not. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. This page is not intended as financial advice by any means.