# How to start?

You first need to know that the Open Beta is running on BNB chain testnet. This means that all tokens generated by playing games, swap tokens, Stake or Farm, will not be worth any real money.

The Open beta stage is designed to gather feedback from the community and identify potential issues/bugs.

Thank you for helping us at this critical stage of our project.

# Step 1

To interact with our gaming protocol and AMM swap you will need to start by installing MetaMask and configure it to BNB chain Testnet:

Metamask website: Click here

  • You should install the Chrome/Firefox extention on your browser from MetaMask website.

After successfully installing MetaMask following all the security procedures suggested by the app, you need to configure the BNB chain Testnet network:

You will get to the following menu:

You will now fill each field with the following info and then click SAVE:

Now you will go back and select the BNB chain Testnet network to connect your MetaMask.

The final Step is to add the PLAY token contract to your MetaMask network in order to see the tokens on your wallet:

  • You will click on "IMPORT TOKENS" and you will fill the TOKEN Contract address with: 0x96D089da09aD603F87F42a603aF15Baa30F01326

# Step 2

# Now that you have made all the necessary steps to connect your wallet to our platform, it's time to configure Discord:

# Step 3

  • Download the Discord APP.

  • Join our Discord server and verify yourself.

  • Open a DM with the bot “P2EManager” identified with the role “Play2Earn Wizard” and type "!register “your MetaMask address”

  • Example message: !register 0x0sdkj2r7dskbf72

  • Make sure you have the Discord activity settings ON:

  • If you are a console gamer, you will need to link your Xbox/PS account to your Discord:

# Now that you have followed all these steps, you should be ready to start playing and earn PLAY tokens.

  • During the Open Beta you will be able to claim your earned tokens once a day at midnight UTC.

# Start playing with the Discord app open.

# What do you need to P2E:

  • Have the Discord APP open (Not the browser)
  • Play any of the supported games
  • If you are a PlayStation user, you will need to change your privacy settings on the console to allow other users to see what you're currently playing.

# Enjoy your games!

# How can you support us during the Open Beta

Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share your experience with the team on Discord and let us know exactly how you feel about the project, what you think we can do better, and what you think we should keep.

This is a community-based project and your opinion is valuable!!

We also invite you to share your experience on social media to help the growth of the project.

# From gamers to gamers!