# Anti cheat CAPTCHA

To avoid "miners" of the gaming protocol, we have enabled an hourly CAPTCHA that must be solved by players to keep earning.

# Rules:

  • For every hour of gaming, the user will have 10m to solve the CAPTCHA. If the CAPTCHA is not solved, the user will lose the last 1h10m of earnings.

  • If the user has failed the captcha but is back, it is required to send a DM to the P2Emanager bot with the text: “!resume.”

  • The bot will enable a new captcha on the platform that you must solve.

  • Bellow, you can find an example of the !resume message you need to send to the P2EManager bot:

  • If you don’t want to be bothered with CAPTCHAS; at any moment you can pause the P2E protocol and focus on your gaming. Send a !pause message to the Bot.