# Marketing

PlaySwap business model is a game-changer in the gaming/crypto ecosystems. It can take some time to educate these communities about the power of our project and how it can change the lives of many gamers around the world.

Based on this, we believe that marketing activities and investment are a vital part of the growth of our project and community. Therefore we will allocate a considerable amount of our efforts to the following activities:

We are looking for partnerships with:

  • Gaming content creators
  • Crypto content creators
  • eSports teams
  • eSports events
  • Game Developers
  • Game Studios

Do you believe in our vision and think you have what it takes to help us grow our community? Contact us using this email: marketing @ playswap.org or in the official Discord.

But not everything is about our growth; we also want to help you grow. If you're a gamer and dream about going PRO, maybe we can help you out. We want to partner with the new gaming rising stars to achieve their own goals.

Do you think you have what it takes? Contact us using this email: marketing @ playswap.org or in our Discord.

# Together we will bring the next billion gamers into the Crypto space.