# Gaming infrastructure

The gaming protocol is one of the essential products that will bring the next billion gamers into crypto.

It will enable the mainstream gaming community to earn PLAY tokens while playing top-tier games. Users will receive PLAY tokens when playing when their favorite game/games (*if supported by this feature). Therefore, not just the PROs or people with money to buy NFTs, all gamers will create an active income from their hobby without investing any capital in starting earning.

These gamers will also be able to earn passive PLAY tokens by using the other Core products of PlaySwap. PlaySwap will become the gateway into crypto and DeFi to millions of gamers worldwide with these products. It is specifically developed to fill the gap between mainstream AAA gaming and the GameFi Web3 industry.

In most P2E games, the players must invest capital in starting playing and, in return, get a poor gaming experience. We believe that's why mainstream gamers haven't joined the movement yet, and we intend to solve that. Now you will be able to monetize your long-time hobby by playing the games that you love.

Exciting right? Let's play!

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