# Business partnerships

# PlayPool application

# What is PlayPools?

Play pools allow users to stake PLAY tokens to earn tokens of other projects for Free. The number of tokens received depends on the number of tokens a user has subscribed to the pool and the total amount of PLAY tokens staked in the pool.

Users earn the new token over a set period. The user can harvest the pending rewards at any time.

# Why choose PlaySwap?

# - Global exposure

Get access to the worldwide gaming community.

# - Liquidity

Projects launched on PlaySwap will be listed and have access to farms with high rewards to increase the liquidity.

# - Trading competition

We can organize a trading competition inside our community to increase your exposure.

# - Marketing boost

We will promote your project on our social platforms.

# Farms

Farms stimulate users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing PLAY tokens to your pair's LP token holders. Launchpool is a platform where a project owner can distribute tokens to BNB chain users who stake PLAY tokens in the pool.

When a project applies for PlaySwap Launchpool, we can create a new farming pair (subject to discussion).

PlaySwap Launchpools and Farms are platforms that help project teams promote their tokens and get exposure to the Playverse community. We are looking for strong teams with a clear and innovative vision in the crypto space with a particular focus on gaming. If you think you are one of the projects, do not wait any longer and apply below.

# Listing on PlaySwap

Anyone can list any BNB token on PlaySwap. There is no need to contact our team or ask for permission. Everything you need to do is to add liquidity to the liquidity pool. Once added, users can trade your token by entering your token's contract address.

# - Is it possible to add my token to the default list?

PlaySwap does not accept requests to add tokens to the approved list. You will need to contact us to add your token to the default list.

If you would like to start any of the partnerships above, send us an email to marketing @ playswap.org or contact us directly on Discord.

# Other questions

If the above sections do not cover your questions, you can contact us via email to marketing @ playswap.org. Suppose you are a gaming content creator looking for a partnership. In that case, you can contact us using the same email or inside our Discord server.

# Beware of scammers! Do not reply to messages sent from unofficial communication channels of PlaySwap. PlaySwap team will never DM you first or ask for any private information.